Bee Breath – Bhramari Pranayama

bee breathBhramari pranayama, also known as the “buzzing bee” breath, it is very effective and calms your mind down in an instant. Kids love this practice, unlike a lot of adults,  they love the sound that this breathing technique creates . Bhramari breathing helps relieve mental tension, anger, and some of the mood swings that women can experience during pregnancy and childbirth.   It is also to be very beneficial if you are having trouble sleeping and speeds up the healing process of body tissues after surgery. Although of course it does not replace your doctor’s advice or prescribed medications.

Lets get started. Sit down in a comfortable position, either in the easy pose on the floor or on a chair. Make sure that your spine is straight and your shoulders are relaxed and your palms are either facing up or down on your knees, thumbs and index finger joining each other.

Close your eyes and breathe a few times in and out and tune into your breathing and your heart space.

Make sure as you start to inhale that you expand from the chest, sternum or heart, and as you exhale, bring both index fingers to the ears and close off the ears as you start exhaling with a humming sound.  At the end of the exhalation, bring your palms back down on your knees and start inhaling again, close off your ears and create a humming sound as you exhale. Repeat for five to ten minutes and afterwards sit and observe your thoughts in your mind and your sensation throughout the body.

Try as you inhale to repeat the sound of “SO” quietly in your mind and visualize the sound and breath moving up the spine. As you exhale, quietly repeat “HUM” in your mind and visualize the sound and the breath moving down the spine. Repeat for a few minutes and observe your thoughts in your mind and the sensation in your body.

Try to think of something as you are quietly repeating the SO HUM sound in your mind. Its impossible for the mind to do that, the mind can only process one incoming task at the time.


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