Cat Cow – Chakravakasana

DSC00575 DSC00576

  1. Start on all fours, bringing the wrists underneath the shoulders and the knees underneath the hips.
  2. Keep the spine as a straight line create space between the shoulder blades. Try visualizing the line extending forward through the crown of the head and backwards through the tail bone. This is the position of a neutral spine.
  3. Keep the chin tucked in to keep the neck long, as the natural extension of the spine, relax your navel and your pelvic.
  4. On an inhale – open the chest from the sternum, drop your navel further towards the floor, but keep your abdominal muscles hugging your spine.
  5. Take your gaze up toward the ceiling as you open the chest and rolling the shoulder blades towards each other, shoulders away from the ears.
  6. On the next exhale arch up your spine, tuck the chin to the chest and push the palms into the floor. Create space between the shoulder blades.

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