Bridge Pose – Khandarasana

kandharasanaLie flat on your back in Shavasana and observe your body and your breathing

Bend your legs at the knees and place the feet so that the heels are near or touching the buttocks.

The feet should be flat on the floor, slightly separated / hip width apart.

Relax the whole body, especially the hips, lower back and shoulders away from the ears.

Then breathe in slow, long and deep.

Inhalation raise your hips up to towards the ceiling, on the exhalation roll the spine back down on the floor. Do that a few times and if you like in your last round hold the position of the bridge pose for a moment or 3 -5 breaths.

The body is supported by the feet, arms, shoulders and head.

The bridge pose is a back bend, so it is always advisable to counter act the stretch with a forward bend, knees into your chest and fold your arms around the knees, Apanasana.

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