Creating Lightness and Strength

DSC_0919I am ready for the second 21 Day Karuna Yoga Challenge. Are your ready?
15 Diary’s are created to observe and meet ourselves with love, trust and an open heart and to be used as stepping stones in the next 21 Days. In January it has been a most enriching experience and I am so looking forward to this one. No judgement, no expectations, no analyzing only being in the present moment.

inga buch coverMy heart goes out to Inga Heckmann as her book “Von der Kunst Yoga & Achtsamkeit im Alltag zu leben”, will be hopefully an inspiration and motivation to everyone participating and to the lucky winner that will win this book on the night of the “Preetzer Culture Night”. I am still honored and glad we had to share the room in 2012 during our Svastha Yoga Therapy Training with Ganesh Mohan und Günther Nissen. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and I still love your Hanuman song, one of my favourite songs when I need to be uplifted and filled with strength.


Stay tuned and check in once in a while while we are moving with ease and grace through the next 21 Days to create and add lightness and awareness in our daily routine here in the Preetzer Community.


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