Feeling at home

DSC_0794[1]This weekend was simply amazing. There was so much to learn, to observe and space to grow for all of us. Thank you so much for everyone who came and made this such a special and successful day….I am already looking forward to the next one.
The morning of the weekend workshop we started with a Yoga class, exploring our 15th Day of the Yoga Challenge. I am so proud of everyone who comes with such dedication to this Yoga challenge. Quiet a few vulnerable doors have opened, a lot of reflection, regrouping and refining has been going on in the last 15 days. We all have embraced our courage and determination to let go of patterns and stories that have held us back for who we really are and we sat that morning in the vibration of the Gayatri Mantra with a smile and an open heart.

After the Yoga class we talked, discussed and listened to Carsten Baroth and Sabine Forberger for what they had to share about the “Säure Basis Haushalt im Körper”. During our workshop we had a topic rattling our cages, but were able to shift and move through this with ease and grace. Thereafter a few people had the opportunity to explore some basic Yoga postures and a delicious relaxation afterwards. Simply divine.

At night it was just the three of us and my wonderful Mum and family joined for a meal together. We had a fresh Tomatoe soup with Basilikum and as a main we indulged in Zuchinis filled with tuna, crab meat and cottage Cheese. Yum! If anyone would like to have the recipe please I am happy to share and it is really easy to prepare and make.

The next day was simply amazing and we started the day with a crispy cold morning walk around the lake. The yoga challenge class was once again embrace by the Gayatri Mantra and was as special as any of the other 16 previous days. Only 5 days to go. We rounded the day up with Chia Date Bread, Tea and a restful relaxation to be able to chill out for the rest of Sunday afternoon. Carsten Baroth and Sabine Forberger had to fly to catch their train back to Iserlohn as I was cleaning up and going for a walk to regroup this weekend on my own.

I reconnected with a feeling this weekend that I had not had in a long time..feeling at home heart emoticon Thank you to everyone who embraced me in this space so that I could feel and reconnect heart emoticon

About Shivanidevi

Mit Freude und einem offenem Herzen motiviere und inspiriere ich andere und mich selbst, das Leben so zu nehmen wie es ist. Mit Hingabe, Vertrauen und viel Liebe begleite ich die Menschen darin, die Veränderungen des Lebens zu verstehen und ihr volles Potenzial zu leben. Karuna bedeuted im Englischen "Compassion" und übersetzt ins Deutsche MitGefühl. Ich lade die Menschen ein, mit Gefühl den Körper, die Seele und den Atem zu erleben. My passion is to inspire, to motivate, to empower other People. I simply love it to nurture them when doors and portals are open and they see what they need to see in their process of growth. When they start to trust, take full responsibilities of their action and begin to embrace life to the fullest while listening to their inner voice. The greatest gift is to see the glow in their eyes and know that they are tuning into the universal orchestra of love and lightness. My devotion and motivation is to connect and bring people together where they can nurture their body, breath and mind and be nurtured from the heart.
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