Meeting my best friend

I am just about to embark on yet another Yoga Challenge. My first one I completed P1040252in the British Virgin Island a few years ago. Each day I walked up the hill on this beautiful Island to discover myself deeper and deeper each day, during this journey I discovered my best friend, myself. I have never looked back only deeper, further and beyond my own limitations. The next time I walked the 21 Day Yoga challenge in New Zealand alongside others and extended it to a 40 Days Yoga Challenge to really anchor the new Habits and Changes I wanted for and about myself in my life. I simply love changes, challenges and doing it with open arms and an open heart. The circle seems complete doing the 21 Day Yoga Challenge here in Germany, my birth ground, excited to see without expectations, judgement or analyzing what doors and portals will open. I trust in the highest consciousness of all and bring fourth the highest consciousness that I am. Knowing that you are all walking this journey alongside me as we are all connected through the universe and vibrations in our hearts. Sending love and light around the world, across the oceans and to the moon and back to all my friends around the world. Wishing you all a prosperous, adventurous and a Happy New Year.

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