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011Brought to you by the Heart Whisperer

I am feeling and getting a lot of reports that there is a general sense of a flatness , or as some call a depressive feel to their lives right now. The numbers reporting are implying that this is global for those sensitives who are feeling this first. It is manifesting as a big fat nothingness that has ballooned out from our hearts into where our lives used to be. Many are continuing to participate and function as if in a bubble, managing it but living it too. For Heart Intelligence Beings this is not that new, but the intensity and acuteness of it is. It is coming in with a grief and despair easily triggered.
Our bodies are doing even more acute things, like a heavy solid pressure in our sternums, a burning so acute there too.; Or an irritable mild burning or pressure there; Breathing shallow and laboured and panting more than deep breaths; A huge cavernous space inside the torso that feels like a bottomless pit has just got bigger; Adrenalin rushing through but cant feel why; Nervous systems buzzing more so than usual. Short energy bursts exhausting; general exhaustion. The feeling of disorientation, detachment and disengagement from your lives is part of the package.
My solar plexus is like a fiery rock pulsating all the time (not heart but solar plexus pulsing). When I move it lessons, when I am still, it burns and pressurises more. Never liked the sensation of anyone touching this area of my body, like them touching raw nerves, now NO ONE is allowed near my chest, the sensation is unbearable. My body even more pressurised, nervous system a permanent high vibrating buzz. But this has been building up gradually over the last 15 years so I am able to roll with it, but it is uncomfortable for now.
Our souls have increased again. But this will be my standard answer to this. And yes it is not that pleasant either for some of us, it comes with more of the same intense. BUT what has happened and continues to happen is us adjusting to this incredible level of Electromagnetic energy, within us matching what is happening in the earths core.
This is shifting us from being able to use our external life as a gauge as to how we are feeling, as touch stones identity anchors, to our inner feeling self being so big now that it eclipses that external references. This leaves us reaching out as per normal to be met with a lower vibrating flatness and “who am I” questions. This has been building since 2000 but now it when it is so intense we can’t over ride it.
This means your soul energy is arriving in as expected, but it is bringing in a very bright light (sensory perceptions, EME) that is making everything else feel overwhelming, look dull in comparison. Including work, relationships, and house no longer feeling like home, even retail therapy feels flat!
I cannot stress enough that now more than ever, it is heart connections that help us to feel connected into our lives, alive, feel that spark, make sense of why we are in our skin and lives!
The symptoms are all addressed in the file “Symptoms of a growing heart” only more acute now.
Try to allow this “happening”. It is not going to go away or stop. We just get use to this new level and adjust. You will feel a sense of being trapped in this sensation experience no way out. As you adjust it will feel more . The interesting thing is when a task or commitment needs to be done our energy is present and moving us through it
Make an appointment with me to understand more your story and what this means for you/ and /or document this, paint it , sing it. It will help you to focus on what you are feeling. This helps us to feel less scared, alone and crazy as our very “essence of self” changes our perspective on everything. Rest lots, avoid stimulants, your body is over stimulated as it is. Have alone time if you can, so you don’t have to try and make sense of what is happening, but feel into it. Eat what you can stomach. Quickly accessed proteins and smoothies and soups always work well. Particularly if you are experiencing a nausea sometimes comes in with the spinning.
Remember Heart Connections are how you will increasingly feel anchored in your life. Its heart connections, those you share how you are feeling with, and that’s what make us feel real now. This is why, as many keep trying, we cant control our hearts anymore. They are too big, bright and strong. Now is time to learn how to Be this heart energy.
Allow, Allow, Allow.
In heart with you all in this shared journey
The Heart Whisperer (Niki)

By providing you with the necessary understandings and perceptions you can learn to work with your heart, ride the intensive wave of Heart Energy changes we are all experiencing and feel in control of your changes and not fumbling round in the dark.

All Universal Heart Energy wants is for you to be the creative heart energy that you are and feel the amazing joy and happiness that comes with this, and live a life that reflects this and to show you the way to that life.  


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