Takes my breath away

SAM_9736Autumn is here and in full swing. The beauty of mother nature is just stunning and the weather has been really good so far.

I have to keep this post really short as my data is melting away as I am writing this. We still haven’t sorted our internet connection out and it requires a lot of patience not to get too upset and frustrated with the German telephone system here. We have now cancelled one contract and switched the user, now the first company is still blocking the line for another few days, just to prove a point and then hopefully by the 12 of November we should be connected with the cyber world again.

There is so much happening here around me and I can feel the pressure, which is not necessarily my pressure but the pressure of the worlds energy itself. I have taken a few step myself to get off the bandwagon and digging deep into the essence of it all. Some topics have become really painful and the other day it nearly took my breath away. However I did breathe deeply into the pain and allowed it to show up and I am brave enough to face it and accepting it. I am nearly there 🙂

So much for today, please be patience a with me while we are waiting to be part of the cyber world again and I will write more frequently again with lots of news and updates on the Karuna Life Force Yoga Room. The Room is filling slowly but steady, however every person that enters the room opens their heart and hear the heart singing off everyone that leaves the Karuna Life Force Yoga Room. For more updates please check out our Facebook page, until the I stay in love and trust close to you. Big hug to everyone around the world and I hope you breathe deeply through this intense shift of energy as much as I do.

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