011Brought to you by the Heart Whisperer (Niki Le Mesurier) 

Heads up there is a Heart Energy intensification that has been building. These are presenting as if on a cone shaped coil. With every level reached it is bigger in distance but faster in its processes and movement of heart energy. This latest increase has been building up since the 4th of October and reduced in impact in the eve of the 13th .

To remind us all: It is impacting through us via our hearts, physical sensations and emotional feelings . This is felt as if someone had stripped away our “tough” outer skin leaving a rawness , revealing an intense sensitivity to others and a vulnerability. It is dissolving future plans and past memories, and placing us all in our NOW, with previous ways of dealing with life situations evaporated out of reach. This is changing our relationships with everything, our values, beliefs, abilities, social skills, perceptions and confidence is rocked.

Whenever the new level is moved into on the cone, it is felt as the carpet has been whipped from under is. That a mini earthquake happened and something has changed. But what! This inner shift is being referenced by us as believing something is not right , amiss, something feels very different but computes as “ wrong”.

This is being experienced as a bright light focusing on what is “wrong” with our lives, needing fixing. For today for instance, I am sure who ever reads this has been fixating on what feels wrong, from minor issues to really big fundamental ones. It is the intense sensitivity, resulting vulnerability and weakening of our values and beliefs that is scuttling our inner security , social and professional inner confidence.

What this “jolt” does is to move us to a new location within ourselves, I call it the “Newness”. It is this that is showing us what is not able to support this new level of vulnerability / self and what is possible to change that. Not easy to see let alone accept, but it starts the ball rolling in little changes at first. Questions we begin to ask ourselves.

Its these core soul level shifts and resulting sensations and feeling is “Heart energy” , it is our souls making themselves felt. It is these sensitives that are our new tools to navigate our way through our lives, with heart integrity and a intuition that is already a given for those under 25. That our ability to follow in footsteps before us is getting less.

This new level of vulnerable and sensitive is presenting for us opportunities to learn how to accommodate our new level of inner truth in our lives. But as we experience another inner shift or jolt it is realty noticeable and acute how sensitive we have become to every glance, correspondence, conversation, incident with the car, kids as a personal attack. That it is when we are out in our world do we get hit with the exaggeration of sensitivity to how things have changed , we feel at odds with our life. Then the grief, oh the grief, but no obvious reason why. A grief for what is slipping away deep within us. We cannot see this until we feel it. Our very existence feels rocked and temporarily with no reference points or values, beliefs. Our inner security and social skills are being impacted by this incessant sadness!

What is needed are crying rooms. Crying rooms everywhere! At work, in schools . Padded so we can wail if we want too! AND a crying day per month ( Well, I am sure weekly, would go down really well with most people right now, but that’s pushing it) But a day when if we feel like crying we are allowed to. Men particularly encouraged to. The rules are; to not try to fix them, to know NOTHING is wrong, to allow that crying person to cry. Ask if they need company, they won’t want to talk. That WE don’t interfere, question , only support.

A good cry will outstrip any benefits of meditation or yoga every time. It is about feeling ourselves letting go and allowing the newness of inner beliefs to drop in. This is how we understanding that core essence in its rich sensitivity and vulnerability. It is about us listening to our souls energy and allowing it room to breathe and feel. It is about expressing ourselves in a way that lets go of hurt and those beliefs, values, emotional attachments (old patterns) that are disappearing whether we want them to or not.

Right now is about letting go of what we believe we are, based on what we identify with externally and moving into who we are based on what our souls need. With this we become stronger in our inner truth, inner beliefs and our heart integrity. We can then understand what it means to be our soulselves in this world. That what we have been trying hard to keep going is proving too hard now.


There is a strong suspicion and distrust of our sensitivities and our vulnerability. This is totally understandable. We have all felt the blows of having to toughen up and get on with it and life is tough and desensitised to be able to exist and participate in life etc etc.. But now, I mean now, not ten years ago, these qualities of our souls expanding in are our key to our inner happiness and contentment, our inner truth. Our tears are us dropping in and shedding old skins. A skin that is no longer thick and protecting or covering our emerging soft and tender souls. Its that tender soft vulnerability that is presenting , and is our new strength. The time is now to learn how to allow this part of us to BE.

It is the new normal. For those of us who feel our feelings betray us and need controlling, it is our sanity that we are questioning , because we are unable to control them as before. This is projecting as a fear for our and humanities future. This goes against the global social and religious protocols of “toughening up” “ Man up” and so many are feeling a failure , stupid, dumb, for wanting to cry or be alone or not speak much, not coping. The usual confidence and assurance we can muster for our day   is compromised and our ability to navigate our way through our day without taking so much personally, has abandoned us!

What is intriguing is that these are the very feelings that humanity has spent generations mastering the art of overriding/ squashing, eradicating, dismissing and abusing. Vulnerability and sensitivity have been, for many thousands of years, seen as the “devil”, to be feared and deeply misunderstood. A threat to the control of others , the safety of communities / families security. The writers of “How to tame a dragon” nailed this conflict between old paradigm belief that being sensitive and how it was deemed as failing the security of the community. But again the writers developed a story that is depicting what this era is all about.

One boy, risking everything and turning a whole belief system on its head and creating a way to defend the community by working with its enemy. Yes this is fiction. I get that. But its written by a person. It is this thought that is now unleashed in our midst. Just as “To kill a mockingbird” gripped me as a child and helped me feel less hopeless and how heart energy can work in the most dense of desensitised energies. Now look at the world we live in! Hmm Malcom King must have read the book.

Understanding this is so new. Our souls have a tough job. These awesome selves are in opposition to the generations of effort poured into following in our parents and grandparents footsteps. The stiff upper lip , or the “go to place” being the deities or scripts / documents written thousands of years ago, for the old paradigm. That to be led from without and not lead from within. A world where living to survive was to be mastered, the key to the success. This was done, and still is, by cultivating fear to motivate. This was fundamental to all religions and cultures for thousands of years. This was tantamount and crucial to the earth life experience. That is not to be disputed. Necessary because our soul energy was so little, our inner guidance, disabled very early on. If not it was only allowed to be used for assisting people to stay true to their life paths, life lessons of that era. The physical world is humanities university for learning how to create current civilisations, cultures, languages, living environments from the physical and not pure thought energy alone.


Now it is time for the focus to be living to create. This is happening very fast. It is the emergence of our souls and their powerful heart and thoughts and heart intelligence that is driving this next era. It is yet to be understood. Like electricity or the telephone or the theory or relativity. It will take time for what is being written here to be understood. Yes as with all new perpectives and thoughts and paradigms it will be subjected to great scrutiny at first. But it too will be proved as truth.

It is not understood. When ever people don’t understand something it is to be feared. It is the “go to “ for humanity. So this continual barrage of physical symptoms and emotional turmoil and life situations pushing everyone to resolve life lessons, is freaking people out.

It and the sense that something is very wrong prevails. Many are searching for that “something wrong” in their lives and those closest are copping it! Many people are attributing this unnerving inner shift to the state of civilisation, the earth and global economy coming to an untimely end.

I can assure you. There are enough Heart Intelligent Beings , high vibrating and heart intelligence souls on earth now to manage the roll over from the old paradigm to the new. The 1980’s to 2000 was all about waking us up to our tasks.   The remaining time has been about getting us into our own inner truth and self-belief and where we need to be. To be the leaders that we are in this revolution of the heart.

For those needing reassurance about our future on earth and in our lives, the next post provides a peek into our future. It will help us all to relaxing a little bit ore into trusting that what feels unnervingly unfamiliar, is in fact newness of   our souls presenting stronger and our heart integrity making room for our newness of Being.

When ever these intensifications of Heart Energy happen, those who are more attached to identities that are externally anchored and reinforced beleifs that presenting guidelines and instruction on how to think and live, are experiencing very big crisis of faith. This is being projected on to others as the “enemy” , “robbing” or threatening their religions existence and values(identifies). When its our own inner values and beliefs that are being dissolved and replaced by a much bigger compassionate heart integrity value system. Its that very inner soul energy replacing the external identity that is pushing for change.

So why is it that we are evolving, when we feel that we are becoming immature babies? How is our world to be run and progress when we feel we are regressing into blubbering insecurities?

Well, the answer lies within you and for you to look to who are focusing on solutions rather than the doom and gloom. We have had this every time an inner shift happens. The 1960’s saw many doom and gloom theorists , and yes civilisation as they knew it then has gone. Then again, every decade sees the disappearance of that current technology. Communication technology awesome, transportation technology awesome, living environments WOW!

YES it is the end of what we know. Go to any science museum and you will see the timeline of change, of eras dissolving for new ones. The difference now is that the evolution of people on earth is moving very fast. Surely past experience has shown how new intelligence replaces old.

What really does piss me off, is that metaphysical professionals compound this by often supporting the doom and gloom. When if they were seeing what I am being shown, they wouldn’t be capable of spouting such enflaming theories. Maybe its attention seeking, well bad news does fair better in the news that good news!

Yes male leadership, religion and masculinity is losing control. This does not mean men are dying! It means they get to be there true selves and not what is expected of them. That they get to be a person before being a man. Gender is moving into a secondary role, the person is moving into a more prominent position. It begins with the arts and entertainment and movie and book themes. Just chick out the kid movies!

It is being replaced by inner belief systems, ruled by the heart. So far the last 50 years have shown us how by allowing our creative flair and natural enquiry into life and our own journeys we don’t die. In fact we create miracles through the arts, education, technologies, industry and science. This has been unfolding very slowly since the industrial revolution , but speed up has been since the 1960’s. Now we are fast tracking.

Now we are moving into the next phase with a rush and a lot of flair. It is those of us who have these natural insights and knowing’s , who have been internally referencing know where to look to be reassured.

Look to those who are showing their awesome and presenting highly intelligent alternatives to . Look at their ages and look into their eyes. They only know how to solve problems. They have no need to believe in anything other than the amazing creative stream that responds to the need for a solution. These are the Heart Intelligent Beings that walk amongst everyone. Who have their own inner truth to guide them. Every single one of you knows one or more of these souls lead saviours of our time.

Now there are more born who are soul lead than not. They have their agenda, as do all of us HIBS. That is to raise the heart integrity of life on earth, to make room for the new paradigm and heart centred civilisations.

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