Sharing, Giving and Receiving

DSC_0004Not long to go before the official opening, actually I have got another 12 days until the grand opening of the Karuna Life Force Yoga Room. I am excited and I am now in the process to share the news with the public, friends and family. Tomorrow I have got the local newspaper coming and hopefully they will be sharing a few inviting words to their readers. I have got a couple of Yoga classes planned for the day, nice food to share and everyone will receive a smile and be embraced by Heart Energy on the day.

DSC_0237Today I want to share one of my favourite recipes that I have received from my friend Gabrielle Louise in New Zealand. We shared and created a few workshops together and things were just flowing in a divine presence when the two of us met to prepare for the “Raw Food Creation Workshops”. I so wish I could beam her over to Germany for the open day and so that we could continue to create workshops together and she would not only share her amazing raw food creation but also her fantastic music with all my Germany friends and Yoga students. Gabrielle LouiseThe first time I met Gabrielle was when she played her violin during a Kirtan in Mangawhai. The sound of the violin is heavenly from the start, but played and touched by Gabrielle it is simply delicious just like her raw cakes.

Ruby Kraut

Ruby Kraut is a stunning magenta colour, as the cabbage ferments; its colour turns brighter due to the lactic acid that develops. It’s also very good for you because of beneficial bacteria from fermentation.

Your vessel of choice must be sterilized – glazed ceramic or glass works well.

Quarter, core and finely slice 1 large red cabbage, then toss with 2 Tbsp salt. Pack it in to the crock and pound with the end of a rolling pin or baseball bat for a few minutes. This releases the cabbage’s juice by breaking down its fibers & jumpstarts the fermentation process. (I like to add 6 cups of water per large cabbage, to make a good quantity of sauerkraut juice.)

Place a plate that is close to the diameter of the crock on top of the cabbage, a clean weight on top, than cover with a clean towel. (Cabbage should always be submerged in water). Leave to ferment for 3-5 days when room temp is approx. 20 degrees. In Winter the fermentation process will take around 10 days.

Transfer to a glass jar & refrigerate and your homemade Ruby Kraut will keep for 2 weeks.

I will be sharing a few more of Gabrielles wonderful Raw Food Creations here on this blog. However if you would like to know more about her and and her music and maybe want to attend one of her Raw Food Creation Workshops in New Zealand, then check out her Facebook page “The Gaya Tree”. The Gaya Tree is the umbrella organisation under which like minded people can offer products and services related to wholesome living.

For more information you can contact Gabrielle on

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