A Change in Season

connecting the dotsI have taken up the luxury of walking every morning along the beach to regroup and be grateful for the start of another beautiful day. Moving into the apartment of a friend has been a last minute solution and has turned into a real gift. I embrace the gift to walk along the beach listening to the birds singing their song, feeling the wind and sun in my face, seeing sailing boats rocking to the waves of the Baltic Sea and allowing my mind to relax and my heart to sing its song every morning. Being here helps me to overcome my homesickness for the Caribbean or New Zealand.

IMG-20150820-WA0007The weather here in Germany has been really good lately, however I can feel that the season is changing and that we are moving from summer into autumn. In Germany this time of the year is called the “Altweibersommer” and translated into English it is called “Indian Summer. IMG-20150820-WA0031Most mornings it has been sunny with a little breeze, but this morning I experienced a heavy fog and as the dew settled on the grounds and plants I could see spider webs everywhere. There were hundreds if not thousands of spider webs to be seen and my morning beach walk turned into a walk in Fairyland. It was very still, and I could see nothing but a couple of metre ahead of me. IMG-20150820-WA0029Usually there are a few other people out there walking their dogs or engaged in their jogging or cycling exercise. This morning there was no one else out there and I enjoyed the stillness and being mesmerized by the different shapes, arrangements and designs created by spiders. Later on that day a friend shared a beautiful little story with me about the meaning of spiders from the

Wisdom of the Four Winds. Te Wananga o Nga Hau e Wg.

By Barry Brailsford. Illustrated by Cecilie Okada published by StonePrintPress NZ

I am Spider

I am the balance threading light

I am the wondrous web of life

I am the Dream Weaver Spirit

I am Pungawerewere

Spider is found in all the lands of the world. It adapts well to many environments and numbers some 30.000 species. A spider sheds its skin to grow, stepping out of the old to take on the new seven times in all. If Spiders loses a leg, it creates another. Some of the Spider families are less than one millimeter across while others are over ninety. Most are harmless, but some are poisonous. Silk is their fabric, the thread that gives them life. At the rear of their abdomen are several rounded projections called spinners, tiny fingers that weave silken threads to meet their needs.

Spiders use silk to create a sac to hold its eggs. Some mothers carry this precious bundle until the young hatch, while others hide it in a crevice or attach it to a twig or plant. To provide for themselves and their children, each family makes a different shaped web. Coded within them is the design that best suits their purpose. This is an inner knowing gifted on. Spiders, who have never seen the distinctive web of their own kind, will recreate it flawlessly. Web making is not learned it is simply known, an example of the power of the cellular memory.

The Gift

If Spider gifts its magic to you at this time, you are indeed fortunate. The spirit of Spider moves with elegance to weave beauty and structure into your life. It says it is time to walk the wonder of your dreams. Remember Spider’s web is set within the realm of the East West that offers new beginnings.

It is easy to lose our balance amidst the stresses of the world. So many demands are made upon us that we often feel pulled this way and that. Then our true path becomes obscured and we wonder who we are. We fail to hear the magic of our song and drift without direction. We feel lonely and lost.

Spiders comes to assure you the magic has not departed from your life, that there is still a world where silken threads join to map the way ahead. Look to the signs that visit each day, see the joining with coincidence, open your eyes to the patterns they display. You are still connected to the sacred web of life.

Sit in the silence, find the core of your being, hear your song once more and reclaim your life. Shed the old, if that is your need. Enter the wonder of the new, leaving behind all that is not truly you, and grow. Learn to be.

Ask Spider to bring structure into your life, organization that creates the time and space for you to truly honour your journey. Remember it is the Weaver who brings all things together. Trust the greater design.

Patiently I weave

Structuring the space to be

Fashioning my unique theme

To honour the oldest dream

Designing for Life

Question: What inspired you the most this morning?

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