Moving beyond my limitations

limitationMy topic for this week has been to move beyond my limitation and what has been holding me back from being my authentic self. Some of you that know me might say that I have been always authentic, and that might be so, however I have never really truly been aware of it or believed in myself. My aim is to acknowledge and meet what I perceive as my weakness and shift the perception in my mind and heart and seeing it at my strength. I now meet my challenges as an opportunity with awareness and an open heart.

It all started in primary school when I got my last report before moving to secondary school. My teacher had evaluated my performance in the classroom and as a result made suggestions which school she would recommend for further education. Needless to say that my life had completely changed during the time of evaluation, my parents divorced and our mother left us living with my Dad. All my life I got hung up on this evaluation and the word “Gabrieles stubbornness is standing in her way”. To proof to the world and especially to everyone else that I can do it I begged to be placed in a different school. I worked really hard and no matter how much I practiced and learned my stuff, I only achieved average notes. I started to get frustrated and worked harder and harder, my discipline and perseverance brought me to the end of my school days, only to receive a below average test results out of the ignorance of the school system. Many other were in the same boat. Now that I have children of my own I look at the school system and ask myself which school system will work best. What works for one child might not work for the other; we are all individuals that need different attention and systems. However we all need the same and that is heartfelt care and people that can see your potential and will work with you to bring out the best in you so that you can fully trust and have faith in yourself.

In the dictionary I found this about stubbornness:

Stubbornness is the tendency to resist any form of change. It is defined as:

refusing to move or change one’s opinion; [1]

the trait of being difficult to handle or overcome; resolute adherence to your own ideas or desires [2]

Stubbornness is a basic character flaw or personality defect, one of seven possible chief features adopted in adolescence to protect the self at the level of false personality.

I acknowledged that over the last few years I have tried to adopt different ways of philosophies and listened very careful what other teachers would suggest of how to live your life in freedom and from the heart. I tried to belong, but could never rest my case with certain Teachers and continued my search for other ways. However I have always taken away what resonated with me and incorporated those seeds into my sharing or yoga classes. It took quiet a long time to really step forward or more likely inwards and started to observe what I already know and have to offer as a gift to others. Funnily enough I always shared my gift with others, but could never see those gifts as my Truth. There is no need anymore to search further, I started to open up my inner knowing, I started to trust my own intuition and I started to believe in myself.

Knowing today that everyone has a unique gift they bring to this world, I can see what I bring as a gift to this world and now that I am aware of my Truth I am truly happy to share my gifts and support others to discover their gifts.

Question: What is your gift and how do you share your gift with the world?

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