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011As of January 2011 the concept of following our hearts changed. It now has a new look and feel. It is all about our hearts needs moving into the centre of our lives.

Heart Energy Intelligence levels have been rapidly rising since the 1960’s. In 1983 the earth emerged into the 4th dimension, in 1995 the 5th, in 2001 the 6th , in 2007 the 7th, in 2011 the 8th and November 2014 reached the 9th. Many of us are feeling the surges impacts on us physically, cognitively and emotionally now. Distorting how we perceive ourselves and creating gaps between who we feel we are and our lives.

Some will recognise those years mentioned as the ending of a phase in our lives and the beginning of another and these phases are getting closer in years. This is reflected by the increasing numbers of us searching for answers to why we are feeling so lost. How increasing numbers are enquiring into spiritual, cosmic or metaphysical matters, with the help of the powerful social media, it is borderline mainstream now. With much of the “new age” rhetoric now part of everyday conversation for most people.

With this increased Heart Energy comes the process of our “Homeself” coming in more and this bigger heart intelligence or consciousness for us all is “waking up” more quickly than ever before. Much faster than the ability to let go of belief systems rooted into the earlier generations realities. These beliefs have evolved from a vital unconscious state of being, that was unique to earth and much needed to function in the dense physical energy to create egos to protect our hearts and sensitivities and to learn the special life lessons only possible with these conditions.

Ok consider this. When an aeroplane’s fuselage oxygen levels get thinner, for you to remain conscious the need for oxygen is vital and the oxygen masks drop down from the ceiling, who is it that you have been told to put it on first? YOU! Not the child sitting next to you, the baby, or older person…BUT YOU! Why is this? Because you are useless to those who are slipping in and out of consciousness, when unconscious yourself!

With the “plane” (earth) going up in vibration, the energy is resulting in many “waking ” up and each persons heartcentres getting bigger. This results in the rise of the heart intelligence and integrity but dissolving of traditional and social belief’s that cannot be sustained with such light and bright 9th dimensional heart intelligence. This is creating “mind panic” syndrome or reaction. This is when we are losing attachments to those externally based belief’s, values, traditions and protocols. Our emotional stimuli from these relationships is falling flat.

Our intellectual (external) belief’s systems are giving way to our being drawn to heart Connections. It is these connections that are providing the kind of stimulus we are aching for more so than ever before. This is impacting on people’s lives from the inside out. Because the familiar is now feeling less so, a disabling of inner confidence, inner securities and an our well-crafted life directions and plans an inner panic button has been pushed.

For these posts, those who identify as Indigoes, crystal, Lightworkers, rainbows, star people The all-encompassing term Heart Intelligent Beings (HIBs) is being used in my work.

It no longer matters what vibration we were born as, we are all being subjected to our own expansion in of our Heart Energy Soul selves. All of us are experiencing very similar symptoms and pressures. All of us are being pushed to create the conditions necessary so we can expand in safely and learn to hear and feel what we need.

There are those of us who were born on the 6th 7th or 8th Heart intelligence level or vibration when traditionally people arrived on the 3rd or 4th. . HIBs spend the earlier part of our lives conscious and aware but unable to understand or access our differences from those people around us. Many of us, myself included, believed the people around us were pretending they didn’t know what we instinctively felt and knew. It then comes as a shock when we grasp that they don’t and we are prone to a kind of hopelessness and despair when this bubble bursts, revealing a gap of heart intelligence levels between us and those we love.

Through my experience and observations the children of today are no different. It is difficult to source the right words to communicate how we feel and to recognise the Heart Intelligence natural for us. Many suicidal and depressed teenagers of today are often grappling with this phenomenon and resulting weird feeling, of be physically present but not connected in, leaving a feeling isolated and alone, that they know stuff anyway but don’t know how to make it or themselves relevant let alone communicate it.

The drop down masks are bringing in more of our souls and a greater concentrated stream of Heart Energy Intelligence and integrity specific to HIB’s. This is fast tracking us through our consciousness expansion or evolution of self, to our optimum heart intelligence level. This enables us to expand our connections to the levels required to bring in our dimensional “Homes” energy and intelligence, so we can create the conditions necessary to then carry out our newly formed life purpose.

When we are ready, we then position ourselves to anchor in the new Heart Intelligence levels. Then we apply these initiatives using all we have learned about what is the best method of delivery. We are everywhere. In the primary production, manufacturing, healthcare , education, scientists, technical industries. Creating new technologies, systems and new working and living environments that are designed to nurture heart intelligence and foster creatively.

HIB’s are naturally in tune with the Heart Energy, so the rise in Heart Energy levels and intelligence is a form of home coming. But none the less, the logic is one that we need reuniting with as it doesn’t support current business practices or beliefs. It is presenting physical and emotional symptoms of a permanent aches, burning sensations, pressure around our heard and upper torso and burning sensations between our shoulder blades, chest, and heads. Body spinning faster, disconnecting us from our lives / relationships as we knew them and reconnecting us more strongly with our inner identity or “Home”. This is revealing a new self with a new take on who we actually are, life directions being dissolved and new ones presented. Our heart integrity and sensitivity are growing more powerful by the day.

This automatically crystallises our focus on ours and others hearts truths. What really matters to them, over and above all else. But to do this we have to learn how to familiarise ourselves as this energy first, and with some reminding, we innately understand how Heart Energy works. Posts like these help us to recognise the changes happening to us as being a direct result of our expanding Heart intelligence (soul) and the need to put ourselves into the centre of our lives. In doing so this does bump off those who we have lovingly placed there, and this can feel mean and harsh.

Here lies the conflict. This flies in the face of family, community, cultural and religious expectations. Including everything you have understood and is expected of you to be accepted, liked. To be a responsible self- sacrificing good citizen who is dedicated to the common good over and above your fundamental emotional needs. To be rewarded and noticed by those you are dependent on for the necessities of life. To gleam love and support by keeping your heartself or “light” to the level it best serves those around you.

Our souls emergence is increasing the gap between what we need to feel sane and nurtured and what our social setting expect of us. This is creating more conflict and triggering the need to try even harder to please, or gain validation or acceptance from those around you has become a goal. When, it is you who needs your attention, to feel heard, validated and accepted for you. This is a major crunch point for many undergoing this emergence process.

The 3rd and 4th dimensional “plane” or paradigm depended on physical proof, evidence, facts. Facts that engaged our physical senses and could be proved and named before it is to be believed to exist. But this lighter heart energy is helping many of us to experience / feel on a new level that is dissolving the need for physical evidence. This energy is providing what is needed to function in the 10th dimensional plane, we are preparing for. Alas it is not through our physical senses but from our intuition, emotional sensations our hearts, that this level of vibration, this self, is felt and sensed. It is not what we see or are told, but what we FEEL and sense that informs our relationships with our external reality more than ever now.

It is not until we take these courageous steps towards making the new changes, that the next steps are revealed and give the context to help us to learn to listen to our heart messages and to trust in ourselves. These understandings then reveal more pieces of that puzzle of “Who am I?”. Further courage is needed to accept and recognise what we need to do to create a lifestyle that supports and nurtures this newly emerging you. For many of us, it is very different to who we thought we were and what we believed we needed before the new “plane” arrived. Who you are now is not who you were even one month ago. Many of you know exactly what is being said here. Your lives may look sort of the same but are FEELING very different to you now. In a way that is hard to put your finger on.

New levels of Heart Intelligence is manifesting new life situations for all of us, situations that are providing emotional challenges like never before. Ones that are asking us to dig deep as we are tossed into a deeper level of feeling. These challenges are helping us to anchor in understandings of how we work now and what we need to feel safe and loved. They are are coming through us thick and fast. With it a pressure or responsibility to be the ones who have to get what we need to feel heard, safe, loved, and acknowledged. It is this new level of responsibility we are now responding to. Even the most spiritually trained, disciplined and aware masters and practitioners or experienced channellers are feeling this hike into the unknown and their Hearts opening up to new levels and their new direction or future pulling them through.

The task set is how to feel and live with a new level of Heart Intelligence, the sensitivity, vulnerability, heart integrity, intense feelings, passion and strong direction that comes with it. To then learn how to apply this new level of sensitive self to our lives. This is the new look that is you following your heart. IN heart with you all, Be your brave we all need you xxx

By The Heart Whisperer (Niki Le Mesurier) August 2015  

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