Meeting the Heart Whisperer

heart leavesI have met a lot of people in my life whom I have created a memory with. Some memories are painful, some are moving memories that don’t stay around for long and some are exceptional.   The exceptional ones are the ones that shine and speak from their hearts, I also call them Heart Energy Beings, they have brighten up my life and have supported me in my refining and polishing process of who I am. Usually I recognize them straight away, there is not much beating around the bush, and we talk straight from the heart and through the heart. I don’t have to think about what to say or how to formulate my words, the heart connects and the words flow in their vibration. It is easy and graceful to communicate this way. Sometimes words are important, other times there is no need for words as only the hearts are communicating. Do you know the feeling when you haven’t heard from a friend for years, but as soon as you meet, your hearts connect, exchange feelings and the words starts to flow. Today I would love you to meet Niki Le Mesurier, the Heart Whisperer.

NIKI BEGAN HER JOURNEY in New Zealand in 1964. 011Her journey has taken her to live in four countries and have four careers including a degree in landscape Architecture. She has owned and operated several businesses, including landscaping many gardens, two of her own. In 2004 she became a mother to her daughter and in 2007 her son .

She grew up in a similar vein to all lightworkers, indigo’s, crystals or rainbows etc who are born on earth at a higher dimension and vibration with unusual psychic abilities that do not relate to the current modality. Niki’s gifts are derived from her ability to relate to your soul or Heartselves expressed in ways that are reflective of the new era and higher dimensions humans are now experiencing on earth.

Niki has dedicated her life to experiencing what it means to be heart energy on earth. Included in her job description has been to remain awake as she experiences the rapid expansion of “self’ through the dimensional levels that you are all being asked to reach now.

As a result she has gained first hand and in-depth knowledge and understanding about the processes necessary to undergo the dropping in or expansion of our soulselves on earth. This has taken her to a level of perception and understanding that is unique and geared to assist you on your new evolutionary life journey.

A SUCCESSFUL CONSULATANCY was established in 2012 followed by her facebook page Heart Whisperer and The Heart Whisperer Group page in 2013. Each of these FB’ pages have 85 written works offering general advice, perspectives, guidance and insights documenting the unfolding of Revolution of Heart Energy and its impact on all of us now. These can be currently accessed on this FB page Timeline. A selection of key documents are available on this platform, with current ones depicting the latest Heart Energy developments delivered to this site on completion.

Recently she has branched out into offering herself as a mentor to those wishing to seek ongoing support and guidance as they expand into their newness of self and new life directions coming with it.

She Offers individual sessions lasting an hour and a half. These are followed up by support sessions, at half the price, should the individuals require them. These are conducted via skype / Zoom sessions, or current internet messaging methods.

Niki is now offering group sessions. These are a great meet and greet opportunity to get answers to those BIG questions that have been preoccupying you lately. These will be advertised as they are formed and will require booking a place.

To enquire about a session , or group sessions you can contact her on (NZ) 021 0272 6538, message her on the Heart Whisperer FB page or email her on

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