Meeting and experiencing new energy

bus bikeThis last weekend we continued to live our nomadic life, we visited the beautiful city of Iserlohn. I always love when we are driving around the countryside; there is so much to see and so much to experience. You often meet new people with a different view of life, with interesting stories to share and always happy to listen to our adventures.couple cello sabine

Sven had actually been invited to spend the weekend in Wacken where the biggest Rock Festival in the world was held and I wanted to visit my friend Sabine in Iserlohn. However certain circumstances left Sven stranded and so we decided that he will come along to Iserlohn with me. Being stranded like this meant that all my plans changed and we both had to adjust to this situation pretty quickly.

house The trip was easy going and driving on the Autobahn gave us a greatdress opportunity to experience the comfort of our car, being a couple and listen to loud music. The trip took nearly 5 hours and gave us a chance to chat and discuss our next steps if the projects we are waiting for are falling through.

tree pose well seatThe pressure is slowly increasing with only 4 weeks to go before school is starting for our children. I try not to get too emotional about it and plan too much ahead, but I have to admit it is slowly getting to me. We arrived in Iserlohn just in time for the Barbecue that my friend had organized and it took my mind of the pressure I am feeling right now and it was interesting to meet new people again. pralinasOn Saturday we visited the famous cake house “Spetmann”, and I have to say the cakes were not only great to look at; there were also delicious to eat.

chocOn our walk around the city we discovered a festival with great atmosphere and beautiful music which we listened to for a while. On Sunday we went to great café for breakfast. rabbit fox and rabbitWow I not only loved the name “Fox and Rabbit” the café was also filled with a characteristic that invited to stay and allowed us to hang around for a bit longer. cuppaThe food was to die for and the waitresses expressed such calmness and filled the café with peace that easily spilled over to the guests. Simply loved it and would highly recommend this café as a must visit when in Iserlohn.

cafe morzarella

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