Joining the Dots under the Blue Moon

four heartsA Blue Moon is the second of two full moons in a calendar month. Today I am celebrating the energy of an extraordinary “Blue Moon” and  I am stepping through the door of this Blue Moon into the energy of August with passion and courage and my heart wide open. This full moon is eccentric enough to support me in my next steps that I am taking outside and beyond my familiar box and territory. Yesterday I have shared my intentions, goals and directions and I am ready to dream bigger then big. On this Blue Moon I will be laughing, dancing and singing and be grateful for life.

The following post is written by  the “Heart Whisperer”. I would like to share the following words written from the heart for other hearts. It has helped me to understand  the bigger picture and I am hoping that it will do the same for you. You can find more information and details how Niki works and how you can get in contact with her. Be brave as you be yourself and step into your passion and courage!

011” Connecting the Dots” by  the Heart Whisperer

Hi beautiful ones. Many of you are being pushed so hard right now that the grief is indescribable and so irrational, that misunderstanding are rife with those around you and compounding a sense of isolation and self-chastisement at an all-time high. This latest shove is a new level of surge and not fitting anything that earlier ones have presented earlier, it is intense and commanding our attention on a new level.

Right now you are doing what has never been possible before now. The mantra many are dealing with is that you are failing those around you because you feel so unfocused and detached, isolated and intensely reoccupied with an inner world, daydreams so real, life surreal, your longing so strong to want to connect to others but why and how is hard to grasp.

The following series of Post bites will be addressing this upgraded phenomena. Some are talking about it, others are dancing around it, some trying very hard to understand it given what information available, others trying hard to override this with daily distractions, but failing terribly. Read these and it will give you a greater perspective, but you still have to do the ground work. That is, to take those heart wrenching risks and put your heart on the line and make those changes that are shaping a life to fit the ever expanding heart integrity. They have cycled around again and right there in your face tripping you up and slamming doors shut .

Why is this happening?!

You are evolving beyond the dimensional realities that were previously associated with being alive on earth, to new levels that have never been possible before. The earth is raising her vibration so she can provide for this new level of heart energy intelligence expanding in through us. We are now expanding in beyond the vibration we had settled on only a few months ago. So more understandings and adjusting required.

This new level of expansion and inner vibration comes in with an increased strength of heart integrity; this is the pressure we are feeling from within pushing us into yet another new level of truth and shaking things up for all of us. It is a level that is intolerant of situations that are not able to support our increasing hearts intelligence, new life directions and emerging purpose.

It is our new vibration that is dissolving old lower vibrating attachments that are no longer serving this new pitch of highest and best purpose. This bigger and stronger energy is dissolving old beliefs , attachments / relationships with ourselves and others that is being experienced as an intense grief and loss that is not obvious, unexplained, irrational and new. Its not that we have never felt this before , we have , only in short burst and at a shallower depth, easier to override. This, as many have reported, feels akin to someone significant to us having just died.

Right now there is a wave of such amazing souls leaving to help those of us expanding in to access this depth of grief and the process of letting go. Equally there are many of us who don’t have this happening but feeling as if we have.

One phase in your personal evolutionary cycle has closed/ died and the next now emerging / birthing, there is no choice this is happening. With this comes a new set of dots to be joined. The process of joining these dots anchors in our new level of heart integrity and with this reveals a new level of intuitive knowing’s, heart intelligence and resulting emotional intelligence and social skills set for your new direction.

This is us expanding in. We are flipping our sense of identity from being externally anchored and referenced to internally anchored, referenced and based. It comes with a new higher vibration, vulnerability and rising our own bar on our self-worth . In doing so shines our own light on what elements in our lives are unable to support this new level of heart integrity. This is an evolutionary fast track for everyone,

In the past this evolutionary jump was only possible by physically dying. Now it is possible while still alive. This is why, since 2011 so many feel in a permanent state of jet lag, with the constant soul shifting and adjusting and shifting again. This is our veil / external self dissolving and the place that we are connecting to other people from is changing. This is changing the roles and nature of our relationships, from external physical, social, economic expectations being the point of connecting to another person to being from our souls / inner hearts the point of connection. This is not to say that current relationships did/ or doesn’t have a loving connection, what this is saying is that there is a whole new level of Heart integrity and connection happening .

This manifests as not being able to relate or place that important person/ people in our lives, the role they have or who they are! It’s that radical. Many believe that they have lost that person or relationship rationalising the grief being felt. Then spend copious amounts of time and money trying to counteract this by trying to override this feeling by trying to fix themselves or the marriage to stop that feeling. Remember it’s the connection that has changed. You are disconnecting from that old way of relating to them and reconnecting from your newly emerging heart integrity or self-worth.

This is you evolving your soul into this life, it is through a new series of dots or deeper understandings do we learn how we work on this new depth. We don’t know, if that relationship can support us in this new level of heart integrity, vulnerability and depth of connection, until we join those dots. Each emotional challenge, being emotionally vulnerable or heart wrenching risk is that dot. We have no control over how the other person will react, if they can meet us on our new level, but neither do they. We can only know when we take that risk and they are given the opportunity to see if they can or want to.

Each time we stand on that precipice and step into opening up our hearts to this new level and expressing what we need, we feel a connection deep inside us. Often the other person kind of disappears along with our fears and a welling up inside us happens, with realisations tumbling in and tears so many tears of acknowledgement, that is a letting go of what no longer works for us is happening and we see survived it. That is us connecting to our new self. This is us becoming enlightened to who we are.

A pressure to be who we are not falls away. It doesn’t matter what the other person says, you have made yourself real , you have listened to you, this is you anchoring you in to your reality. You have drawn the line from one dot to the other and a picture is forming. Having connected to ourselves it is possible to see what we need for ourselves and if we can get that from this relationship / work or living situation. We are more open to feeling what is right for us, believing in ourselves and see what needs to change and the fear is reduced. This is you evolving, anchoring in and moving into the next evolutionary level, a huge achievement.

Each of us has our own “relationship“ story , own context, that is presenting a situation, person or people as the subjects. This context is presenting the crunch points , or the opportunity to anchor you in , make you real in this reality. To speak up for yourself and take responsibility for your growing heart’s needs. This is the pressure on for everyone right now. This is the pressure that has just stepped up again.

It is recognisable by presenting in the guise of what you are not getting, i.e support, compassion, acceptance, acknowledgement, understanding, listened too or heard. This gives us a clearer idea of what we need for ourselves. That is your own inner light shining the way forward onto your next dot / step. This is your soul leading the way.

Until the next your brave and be gentle on yourself, revisit the post bites and posts on how to look after yourself as you undergo this expansion of heart integrity and self. Let those tears flow and as you meet your crunch point and drop into this new direction and the motivation to undertake the next step will bubble up.

In support and love , until tomorrow..

The Heart Whisperer

Question: Are you taking it easy and embracing your situation and story as you listen to your heart keeping the bigger picture in mind.  This is the first part of Connecting Dots, tune in for the second part tomorrow and observe how your dots are connecting.

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