Intention, Goals and Direction

om gabiThe question is what my intention, direction, goals and my message with this blog is. I have started to create this page as a platform to share my passion and the passion of others, great books to read and interviews with authors, amazing workshops, inspiring podcasts and videos, seminars and many other gifts from other Heart Energy Beings. It’s all about our feelings, actions and reactions in the swirl and sea of consciousness. Knowing that I am not alone and understanding that I am supported as other going through their growing and expanding process is a gift that I would love to share and feel connected to . As I already shared it is always about refining my thoughts, gifts, dreams, visions and intentions; as well as discipline, commitment and perseverance.

It not necessarily important for me to throw away the books I love reading, replacing teachings that I love to listen to or travel from retreat to retreat to grow in my visions, goals and intention. I am clearly asked to step up with an open heart; and to live a life that makes my heart sing and is created out of my own truth. Watch this space to connect, to share and to experience whatever will unfold for me and maybe you as I am moving into my deepest desires and destiny. The coming month August is about passion and courage, so I will be connecting the dots and expanding on the questions what is my potential, what are my possibilities and how do I get there. If this resonates with you I invite you to follow this blog. If you have a friend going through this transition and is connecting the dots, please share this post. Believe what you create and create what you believe!

Share your experience, I would love to hear what you have to say or feel throughout your transition.

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