Reunited with the past

park benchThis last week has been very interesting but also intense and by the time the weekend arrived my cage was rattled again. As I was sitting down to relax, reflect and regroup on the past, one or two tears were flowing. There was no attachment to those tears, however in those tears I could taste the grief of missing my friends in New Zealand, reflecting on my gabitime and life in the Caribbean, the confusion as well as being grateful about a new start in Germany. There is so much to take in and the pressure inside as well as from the outside is building up. Standing tall, smiling and being positive has taken its tall and it’s time to relax a little bit about my present situation, it’s time to reflect on my goals and intentions and maybe it also time to regroup about my direction.

mandalaIn between looking at new homes, houses and schools, creating and following ideas what steps to do next and being reunited with my past in the town I grew up, I also had the chance to meet with a couple of friends I made sailing around in the Caribbean. It was great to talk to people that lived the same lifestyle than us, that understand why it is so hard to anchor the family in one place for too long and that have the same longing for freedom than I do. While meeting and chatting with these loved ones I could feel how my heart was beginning to sing out loud, how my heart was nurtured and how much more I felt encouraged and motivated to dream big and keep following my goals, intention and direction whatever it might be right now in this present moment.

A couple of friends we met in the Caribbean have managed to combine the fire enginesailing and living on land lifestyle. They are living five months on the boat and seven months on land. In the beginning of the week we visited one couple at home and tapped into their lifestyle while living on land. It’s an inspiration for me to see that this combination can work for some people. The other couple went for a little “Tikki” tour around Schleswig-Holstein and visited us in concertour own back yard. It was great to have them around for a couple of days, obviously it was too short, but it sure was great to walk the dike together, to gaze over the horizon of the Baltic Sea and stick our feet into the wet cold sand on the beach and listen to life music of the German Rock band “Glasperlenspiel”.

This quote from Richard Minister Buck Fuller kept coming back during our little chats with our friends and into my mind during some slow time this week. It keeps inspiring me and focus and my energy compact: “You are never going to change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

Question: What has inspired you this last week so that you keep focus on your direction, dreams and goals?

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