Slowing down

hagebutteThis morning I woke up with a huge headache and it felt like my head was ready to explode. So I got up and decided to go for a walk along the dike.

As soon as I stepped outside the fresh air was chilling me down and I started to observe my breathing. As soon as I started to be aware of my breath I felt the heaviness around me and within me. The last few days I had the feeling that I was driving in a very slow car and the outside world was rushing past. It felt good to be outside walking slowly towards the beach.

crossroadI kept walking and as I was walking along I started to be mindful of my breath, I started to breathe deeper and slower. The moment I started to walk slower, my vision became clearer. I am on a cross road, I choose the path towards the beach, the air and the wind is cold, even though my mind is still racing, my thoughts started to slow down. Through breath awareness I continued to slow down my mind, my thoughts, my vision becomes clearer, my headache goes away, they heaviness around me untangles. I looked for a place to sit down and as I am sitting down I start to repeat my mantra to help my mind to focus and gain even more clarity.

What makes it so hard to slow down? owlSlowing down does not mean we have to do nothing. It means being passive and passionate about life, our goals and direction. I overheard a couple of guys talking to each other. One of the guys wanted to start exercising trusting that it would make him feel better and he was contemplating to start riding a bike. The other guy was in his element giving suggestions what he could do and buy and how much further and faster he would get and could ride if he would buy a certain bike. They talked for a few more minutes, but I could see a wall of too hard basket, too overwhelming growing for the one who just wanted to feel better with a bit of exercising. What is it with the human race that everything has to go faster, further and better?

beach 1Slowing down in a society where everyone is caught up in a rat race is very challenging. The pressure is on. Where are we going, what are we doing, why are we back from paradise, what house do we want to life in, what are we going to do for a living, where are the children going to school; adapting to a different language, to new rules and different ways of thinking. I want to slow down, I want to keep slowing down, I want to observe how everything falls into place as it needs to fall into place, the less I take action and the more passionate I become, the more life can flow and things can fall into place. It is not the way I use to do it. I use to push everything through, I have been fighting to get where I am now, but this is not the way I want to do it this time round. I have been listening to the same teaching as everyone else, be patient, trust life, slow down, breathe deep and things will fall into place as they need to fall into place.

I am motivated to life this philosophy and I am intrigued and encouraged by the quote of “You are never going to change something by fighting the existing reality. moleTo change something, build a new model, that makes the existing model obsolete” written by Richard Minster Buck Fuller. That is what I am doing right now, searching and working on remodeling the existing one, however I am still not 100% clear yet, what model I am actual remodeling, all I know it will implement sustainability into my existing life. So my keywords for this week is to be patient and trust that we will find the right place to live a fulfilling, prosperous and authentic life.

I started to notice on my way back home how much slower I walk, my mind is not racing anymore everything feels in alignment – the car I am sitting in and the world around me. I am in my flow of creativity.

Question: How do you slow down when you notice your heart, mind and thoughts jumping on the runaway train?

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