Migrating Birds

zugvogelSAM_8872We have found temporary accommodation in a little town called Marina Wendtorf , overlooking the Baltic Sea and lots of sailing boats in the Yacht Haven Wendtorf. What made me laugh is the name of the house;  we are living in the house of “Migrating Birds”.  

SAM_88733300 km later, lots of cakes and several inspections of shocking and stunning homes, leaves me with the feeling that our family represents a flock of birds that is circling over Schleswig-Holstein looking for the right nest to settle for a while. schusterjungIt is not as easy as I was hoping it would be, but I am not giving up and stay positive. The other day I saw this typical landmark (Shoemaker Boy “Stay in Preetz” ) as I was driving around Preetz  and pondering over the symbolism.

SAM_8867What I also notice is the beauty of mother nature around us. The farmers seem to use less herbicides, and fauna and flora along the road is lush and green in its natural state. I hear the birds singing whenever I get out of the car; when we are driving through the country side I see storks and deer’s; at night  we witness the presence of fox and rabbits and hares. I always Fox-200x162see those animals as little signs of nature and the universe which helps me to see the bigger picture. However what irritates me that we hardly see any cows on the paddocks, they are all stationed in big sheds and being fed silage. The paddocks are covered in wheat, barley, oats, rye, raps and when the prices are too low, they are cutting it all down and using it for bio energy.  To keep cows in sheds, grow food on mono cultures to turn this into energy, so that we can turn on the light in the cowsheds. All a bit paradox to me and really wondering how far can you reverse the process of a natural cycle.

kayak on the riveHowever I am not going to dig to deep into this, however I am going to feel the energy of the New Moon and taking into consideration what Lena shares in her newsletter on the Power Path Webpage.  “This is a time of assessment and truth telling. This New Moon may also bring something completely unexpected into your life. Whatever it is, see it as a gift and allow it to anchor you into something new. Read more…

About Shivanidevi

Mit Freude und einem offenem Herzen motiviere und inspiriere ich andere und mich selbst, das Leben so zu nehmen wie es ist. Mit Hingabe, Vertrauen und viel Liebe begleite ich die Menschen darin, die Veränderungen des Lebens zu verstehen und ihr volles Potenzial zu leben. Karuna bedeuted im Englischen "Compassion" und übersetzt ins Deutsche MitGefühl. Ich lade die Menschen ein, mit Gefühl den Körper, die Seele und den Atem zu erleben. My passion is to inspire, to motivate, to empower other People. I simply love it to nurture them when doors and portals are open and they see what they need to see in their process of growth. When they start to trust, take full responsibilities of their action and begin to embrace life to the fullest while listening to their inner voice. The greatest gift is to see the glow in their eyes and know that they are tuning into the universal orchestra of love and lightness. My devotion and motivation is to connect and bring people together where they can nurture their body, breath and mind and be nurtured from the heart.
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