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bike garden haubarg 3 haubargOn our way back to the East Coast we went pass beautiful houses beaming in their characteristics that caught my eye, Haubargs, luckily Sven knew a bit about their history. drawingSince I had never seen or heard about a Haubarg before, he shared a valuable history lesson with me; I was fascinated by it. One particular and apparently world famous one caught our attention and we stopped to have a closer look. It was the Red Haubarg in a little village called “Witzwort”, which has been turned into a Restaurant and Café as well as a Museum.

statueA Haubarg is a typical farmhouse on the northwest coast of Schleswig Holstein that was built in the late 16th century by West Frisian immigrants. The word Haubarg means a place for piling or stacking hay, and human and animal lived for centuries in Haubargs under one roof, yet in separate rooms.

old postHaubargs have been purpose built and constructed so that the houses were resistant to forces of nature, especially storms and their associated surges. They are post and beam houses, in which the house is supported on four, sometimes even six or eight huge posts that are joined by longitudinal and transverse beams. Since the land in this area of Schleswig Holstein is very flat, you can easily see where Haubargs are located. The farmers planted lots of trees around them for further protection. Another feature is the thatched roof, which is often 15 to 20 meter high where they stored the hay for winter.

haubarg 2 old fassNo new Haubargs have been built for the last 100 years; in 1860 they counted 360 Haubargs in the area, in 2008 they were only 100 left. At the moment from the 90 Haubargs that are left, 40 are monitored under historical conversation.

We had a look at a couple of Haubargs that are up for sale, but unfortunately the roof conditions as cakewell as the main wooden construction were screaming for high maintenance cost and so we decided to give Haubargs a miss. However we had to taste the cakes and enjoyed eating them.  We have to watch the calories and be careful that we leave them in the area and not attached on our hips.

bike 1As we were driving back from the West Coast to the East Coast we stopped by a farmhouse that we were interested in in the beginning of the year. It was a great farmhouse, with 9 rooms for holiday accommodation, a roof filled with solar panels that would have given us an income for the next 15 years, lots of fruit trees and some other interesting benefits. after eightUnfortunately for us it got sold before we could make a move. We briefly talked to the new owners which were very happy to have found such Gem. I am sure our Gem is still out there and waiting patiently to be discovered and ready once we make our next move.

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