Inside Out

movieOn Friday I went out with Julia and Carlos to make our last night in St. Martin a memorable one. We went to the movies and watched “Inside Out”. Once again Disney has mastered the art of entertaining kids and adults alike and indeed it was very entertaining and in a delightful way it explains how our inner world is reflecting the relation to our outer world.

The movie is about 5 little voices in the mind, also known as seeds of emotions. These voices are Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgust and are represented as charming little characters. They are sitting in Headquarters and running the show. A little girl called Riley is born and Joy is in charge and control of her life. Joy doesn’t give any other emotions a slight chance to come alive. Its all about Joy and having Fun. She even tries to control Sadness as much as she can, by advising her to keep out of sight and not to move out of that little corner. Sadness feels not acknowledge and hasn’t got much confidence either and is attracting accidents and making mistakes. Experiences are stored away as marbles, holding long and short term memories.

By the end of each day those marbles are stored in a huge cell memory library. Joy tries to hold Sadness away from any experiences that Riley has growing up. Joy does not realize that each marble of experience holds Joy as well as Sadness . This is only a perception from where she is coming from. There is also Bingbong, the pink imaginary friend, a mix of elephant, half cat and part dolphin. Bingbong has helped Riley build a rocket ship and they had promised to each other that one day that they fly to the moon. Once in a while the mind workers are feeling that there is no need any more to hold on to certain experiences in the long and short term section of the cell memory Library. They go along and start sucking with a huge vacuum cleaner all the marbles that are no longer needed. Now I know why I am losing my marbles sometimes, it’s not me; it’s that big vacuum cleaner in my head. Bingbong is one of the memories that they want to suck away into the valley of forgotten and darkness.

There is a train of thoughts that is running through Rileys mind and it only stops when she is sleeping. Little guys are jumping off the train with their lunchbox to have a break, had to laugh by the thought of this. I should try to mix this vision into my Yoga Nidra sessions.

When Riley experiences a change in her outer world Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger are coming alive and Riley starts to meet loneliness. During this time of change Joy is getting sucked out of headquarters by accident and her friends are stepping up to help out at the helm of headquarters and trying to run Riley life. As you can imagine from that day on everything is falling apart and Riley starts having a really hard time in her life. In the meantime Joy and Bingbong are both stuck in the valley of forgotten and darkness and trying to escape this valley, they are very determined and with perseverance they finally make it, but not without something to give what is most precious. They need to move through the land of imagination, cross the planes of abstract thoughts and reality distortion, when they finally make it to the train of thoughts that will hopefully bring them back to headquarter, Riley is falling asleep and the train of thoughts stops. Joy needs to find her way to Dream Production to create a nightmare that awakens Riley and her train of thoughts.

As Riley is dealing with loneliness and reality distortion her island of friendships, wacky goofball, honesty are falling away. When the family Island is in danger to fall away, Joy starts to realize how much Sadness is part of her and Riley’s life. Joy finally understands that there is a deep connection between the two of them. Joy turns around and starts to acknowledge Sadness, by telling her how much she is needed in Rileys life, what big part and how important she is and through this unity Sadness and Joy are now partners to get Joy back to headquarters. In the end …. Oh no I am not telling you the end of the movie and how Riley is finally finding back her equilibrium.

Does that all sound familiar, I certainly resonated with this story. Whether you have children or not, I would definitely put this movie on my recommendation list. Are you aware of how your inner world moves and relates to the outer world. Watch this movie and observe what you are thinking and feeling while watching! When you are high in feeling and like to see something different, go for it. Julia and I cried when Riley had her meltdown and finally feels safe enough to share her inner world with the other world.

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