Breathing my way to Balance

breatheI am always  aware of my breath and the breath is my best friend.  Every time I step onto my yoga mat, or be in my space  I tune into Ujjayi breathing. I am not only paying attention to my breath while doing yoga or meditating, I have integrated Ujjayi breathing into my daily life;  when I drive a car, sitting in the bus, standing in the queue on the counter waiting for my turn, doing the household chores, homeschooling my children or as soon as I feel loosing my equilibrium . My mouth is closed and I breath in and out through my nose  while I contract my throat muscles, the epiglottis. It  feels like I am breathing in through my throat, it sounds like a little baby snoring, the sound of the ocean or for the younger generation and fans from Star Wars, it sounds like Darth Vader,  whatever you choose or  feels like for you,  it has an immediate effect on my nervous system.  Just in case you did not know, the epiglottis is a leaf shaped plate of cartilage and soft tissues that serves as a valve in your throat.  Ujjayi breathing slows down my breath immediately and as it slows down my breathing it slows down my mind. I can always call on my best friend as I have got my breath always around and with me all the time when life gets a bit hectic or stressful.

Did you know that in Yoga the primary focus is the breath  and the postures are only secondary. Unfortunately a lot of people are struggling with their breathing while being in a Yoga pose or living life. Have you ever noticed that you are holding your breath or you are not breathing deep and slow, then you should modify that posture and go back to the Basics or observe and be the witness in what you do, think or feel in that moment. Remember if the mind is disturbed through emotions, than the breath is disturbed.

When we master the way we breathe throughout the practice or our life, we relax and the rest will unfold as it needs to unfold. The breath is our link between the mind and the heart. If you are comfortable with your breathing and the breath is your friend, you are already 3/4 there.  In the beginning try to use Ujjayi breathing, three, five or as often as you like throughout the day and notice the difference it makes. Life is simple just like this practice, it unfolds as we embrace it as it is;  like the inhale and the exhale!

Question: How do you bring yourself into Balance? Have you noticed how your breathing is changing with your emotions?

One thought on “Breathing my way to Balance

  • Hi Gabriele,I really admire your mission statement described above and have just read your chapter on “Breathing my way to balance.” So simple and so true i love the way you write these concepts with such clarity. I have been amazed how breathing has resolved anxiety issues and ironed out irregular mood patterns in my life and it was largely through your classes in Mungatoroto that set me on this path and in the right direction. Life continues to unfold before me with rich opportunities for our family, and i even use breathing to cope with the elation that is evoke at times. Thank you for this website and good luck with finding your own slice of paradise in Germany.


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