Change is in the Air

40 day yoga challengeToday I would like to share a poem that I listened to while lying in Shavasana after a very delicious and inspiring Yoga class in St. Martin by my friend Deanna. It really resonated with me right now and my heart has been playing with it all day. I can feel that Gemini in the New Moon has got something to do with this. In this change the sun and the moon will be merged with Mars in a conjunction which will fire us up with energy and confidence. I don’t know if you can feel it, but this is exactly the energy that I have been bathing in lately and really enjoying it from top to bottom, right to the left and front to the back, inside out.

Tania Gabrielle states in her newsletter: ” Mars is your creative drive, your raw energy, your assertive self-assertive power.” Over the next couple of weeks Jupiter will expand our opportunities and Uranus awakens and celebrates our unique individuality. This combination is meant to be charged positively  and will spiral us upwards in our passion to lead a life from the heart rather then from a will.

This poem has been written by Melody Beattie and comes from her book “Journey to the Heart”

Change is in the Air

Just as the world around us changes and evolves, so do circumstances and situation in our lives. We live in a universe that is alive, vibrant and constantly evolving. Change is the way nature, the universe and the divine move us through each period of our lives and into destiny. We are led to our next lesson our next adventure. There is no need to deny change, to fear or fight against it. Change is inevitable just as the earth is constant motion and transformation, so are we. Take your place in the universal dance, the universal rhythm, allow change to happen. Work with it as your life unfolds. Sometimes change comes in one smashing moment like a volcanic eruption other times it happens more slowly, the wind and rain sculpts bridges out of canyons. Learn to trust your body, its signs, signal, warnings and excited proclamation. We let the gatherings clouds warn us of impeding storms and we learn to study and predict tremors in the earth. In much the same way our body can function as a barometer for our soul and its place in the constantly changing and evolving universe. You are open, now more sensitive than you have been before. Change is coming. Its here! You can feel it in the air. You can feel it in yourself. Thank your body for helping you. Thank the universe for what it is about to do. Then thank God because change will bring you closer to love.

Question: Are you embracing changes with arms wide open?

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